Maxi Madness

Few items of clothing have the absolute, fashion super-powers of the maxi dress. As wonderfully comfortable as they are stylish, it is not for nothing that maxi dresses are the go-to spring uniform for so many women.

NORDSTROM: Georgina Maxi Dress

While it’s very easy to slip on a pair of flip flops with a maxi dress and call it a daytime outfit, there are so many other ways to wear it in order to get maximum, style mileage.

NORDSTROM: Mexicali Rose Maxi Dress

Wearing maxis in unexpected, style combinations is another way to get more out of less. Maxis worn over white linen pants look both effortlessly chic and sophisticated. You can choose to go all white or wear a brightly colored maxi. Maxis worn with a T-shirt underneath are not only trending, but a clever way to add a layer of warmth to your outfit without going for a jacket or sweater. Also, wearing a structured blazer over a maxi makes your outfit office perfect.

NORDSTROM: Candace Print Chiffon Maxi Dress

In fact, accessories with structured, distinct lines have that same effect, making your look a little less billowy, and a lot more pulled-together. Look for leather bags in boxy-shapes, with leather shoes that echo the style of your bag.

The jewelry you choose also plays a big part in characterizing your outfit. Ethnic jewelry will provide a tropical vibe, just as edgier pieces will add a more modern touch. Wearing romantic or Boho-style jewelry will provide you with that touch of Gypsy Queen traditionally associated with maxis.


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