Fashion Should be Fun

We’ve talked about many of the latest hottest trends separately. Like a puzzle, it takes placing all the pieces together to get the full picture. The over-arching theme in fashion now is femininity at its finest and full-on romance. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Spanish influenced styles are the common thread that ties many of today’s trends together Whether you’re talking about lacerufflesfloralsoff-the-shoulder looks, embroidery or pom-poms or pointy-toed shoes – Spanish style is red-hot right now.

Feature Image: NORDSTROM – Waves Ruffle Minidress

NORDSTROM: Off the Shoulder Tiered Ballgown

As is the case with so many styles, the Latin-look can all too easily come off as costumey if too many elements are worn together. Subtlety is always preferable to head to toe anything, regardless of the trend.

“Some people take fashion very seriously…but that’s not right…Fashion should be fun!” ~Carolina Herrera

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