In Full Bloom

You don’t have to have a green thumb to take and appreciate the power of the flower. Fresh-looking florals are the perfect antidote to the doldrums of spring’s seeming slow crawl to the real thing.

Nordstrom: Cult Gaia AphroditeGrecian Halter Gown

Florals have been, and will always be a fashion staple throughout the spring and summer months and this season is no exception. The big difference (and when we say big, we mean it), is that that today’s floral prints appear to have been injected with steroids.

NORDSTROM: Pigalle Follies Floral Silk Pump

Regardless of whether it is short, midi, maxi-length or even a dressy, evening gown, few things beat the classic look of a spring dress with a fresh, floral pattern. Capri pants with big, beautiful flowers look full-on and fearless when you pair them with stilettos and a bustier in a matching print. To tame the same look down and soften things up a bit, a simple slip top can be tucked in blossom trousers.

STYLE SONATA: Hand Woven Amphitrite Toe by Annie Diamantidis

Finish the look by adding a beige leather handbag and matching high-heel sandals. We would suggest accessorizing with solids if you plan on going head-to-toe floral, but solids in vivid pops of color look fabulous paired with florals. If you prefer to limit your flower displays to your accessories themselves you’re in luck.

Finally, top your look off with a flowered hat or headband.


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