Are you ready for 2019?


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Time of resolutions. For the people we love and the ones we miss, and for celebrating all we love and hold dear. The gaming system you swore you would never buy, now wrapped festively, awaiting eager hands. The bottle of perfume tucked in a stocking that you know she would never buy herself. The cashmere lined gloves that you know he will love more then he’ll admit. And the unexpected gifts of handmade jewelry or beautifully stitched bags that will cause joy and wonder when unwrapped.  

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Shop Holiday Dresses

We give gifts not just for the joy they bring, but also for the joy they give to ourselves. These indulgences, big and small, are just a token of the joy we feel towards the ones we love, the depth of our feelings, our happiness that long-standing traditions or brand new ones have meaning. 

So go ahead and sing, dance, celebrate the season and spread some joy.  

Elle Harriman
Copyright © 12-31-2018

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