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One of the most delightful parts of traveling to new places for vacation is the opportunity to slip into not only a fresh mind-set, but a different sense of yourself as well.

Who hasn’t visited a fabulous destination and found it fun to try on the local accent, or to fantasize about picking up stakes and living there permanently?
Regardless of where you are headed, your success at trying to blend in with the locals is dependent upon doing a bit of research prior to your trip.
To save you some time and effort, we’ve compiled a little cheat sheet for a few ideas on what to wear where when travelling through Europe.

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If you’re going to Paris, popping on a beret would be a bit heavy handed. However, the classic, Breton striped top is timeless and since stripes are in now, there are plenty of freshly updated options to choose from. Wear it with some white, wide leg pants, a pair of stylish flats (sneakers scream tourist), with a couple of carefully selected pieces of jewelry and an understated, cross-body, leather bag. Voila!

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The expression, “When in Rome dress like a Roman,” absolutely applies in Italy.
Nearly every item you pack for your trip to Rome should be one of two colors: black or denim blue. Black is the base of nearly every Italian outfit and works for pants, suits, dresses, skirts and shirts. To add a burst of color to your ensemble, scarves are absolutely the way to go.

Comfortable and well-fitting, strappy, leather walking sandals are ideal for long strolls around the city in summer. Remember, the operative word here is comfortable!
In Berlin, locals dress quite formally and stylishly. Think smart casual, with a dash of business thrown in. Like Romans, Germans are partial to dark colored clothing, whether it’s skirts, dresses, tops or pants. Wearing low key, yet quality jewelry is important. Stylish flats and sandals will help you traverse Germany’s cobblestone streets more easily.


Rainbow color lovers rejoice! Unlike other European cities, you won’t find a lot of dark clothing being worn in Barcelona. Bright, printed dresses, tops and pants are extremely popular in this Spanish city. The same goes for jumpers right now. Patterned jumpers in pretty colors are currently super-hot in Barcelona.
Speaking of the heat, plan on bringing clothes made from lightweight, breathable fabrics or you will absolutely melt and be super-uncomfortable. High humidity will be accompanying that heat, so as many packable hats as your suitcase will hold will help your battle against frizzy hair.
Finally, the chicest women in Barcelona this season are sporting trendy ballet slippers and high-quality leather flats.


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