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Tracee Ellis Ross is undefinable. A successful actor, comedian, director, and activist, she is also One of the most stylish woman in the world. Trends, designer logos, ‘must have fashion,’ etc., Ms. Ross is not bound by editorial dictates, but is always unequivocally herself. Bold, fearless, charismatic, a singular individual. And we can’t get enough of her.
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Ms. Ross dresses for herself and no one else. While so many of us try to fashionably fit in, Tracee doesn’t try at all. On red carpets, award shows, charity events, and in her daily life she fascinates with her overwhelming confidence and grace.
The daughter of Diana Ross and her then husband, music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein, Tracee has long surpassed her parent’s shadows. And her iconoclastic style is all her own. As recently as this past October, she hosted the American Music Awards and wore twelve different outfits, each one more stunning then the last. From suits to ball gowns, a Balmain tuxedo dress, a t-shirt and full skirt, a head to toe leopard look, a sequined bodysuit with Nike sneakers, she looked incredible in everything.
How is it possible for one woman to look fabulous all the time? In everything she puts on? Tracee Ellis Ross has something more important than just an innate sense of style. She has an innate sense of self. Ms. Ross knows who she is and what she’s all about. She is completely at ease with herself and it shows in her carefree approach to dressing. She is so comfortable in her own skin that it’s infectious, and that exuberance shows through in everything she wears. She just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. And that should be a mantra for all of us. Would that we could all be as joyful as she.
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