Athleisure Just Went Boom!


To my yogis and road runners … my goddess Serenas and thundering Bolts. To my tom boys and tree climbers, and boss ******* who would prefer to climb that corporate ladder in toms. To my sleeping beauties who have been wearing PJs out the house since 1999. This is your year. Athleisure is swinging us the biggest curve ball. Like nothing we’ve ever seen.


This round, it’s going to sparkle, shine and surprise. It will comfort and cajole; there will be many converts. Prepare to pair your smoothest silks, with your spongiest polyester. Shake out the sweats and lace up those sneakers, because we are in for a ride!


Ski Seamless Base Layer Leggings  | Ski Seamless Base Layer Top |  Double Duty Reversible Yoga Leggings  |  Power Wetlook Mesh Workout Leggings 

Images:  Nordstrom

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